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Blind Tasting the Peppers (Dr Pepper, Pibb Xtra, Dr Thunder, Dr. Perky) (Soda Tasting #15)

This episode represents something new for Soda Tasting: our first blind tasting.

What is a blind tasting? Well, basically, I set myself up to look foolish. I select an assortment of similar sodas, have someone pour them for me and, without knowing which is which and without tasting them immediately beforehand, I taste them and try to guess which is which. Inevitably, I miss the mark.

For this episode, I am tasting a selection of peppers. The pepper soda genre, pioneered by Dr Pepper, is full of competitors and store brands. There is even a blog, Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered, that has chronicled many of them. Here is the lineup:

Dr Pepper (Dr Pepper Snapple Group)
Pibb Xtra (The Coca-Cola Company)
Dr Thunder (Wal-Mart Stores)
Dr. Perky (Food Lion)

Disclosure: I am a Wal-Mart shareholder.

Would you like to see more blind tastings like this in the future? Please let me know in the comments.

Thank you for watching.

6 comments on “Blind Tasting the Peppers (Dr Pepper, Pibb Xtra, Dr Thunder, Dr. Perky) (Soda Tasting #15)

  1. I really liked the blind test. It makes me want to try it. I’ve had 3 of those (no Perky here, lol) and it would be cool to see which one I like best. I don’t know if I could tell them apart, but Dr. Pepper is my second favorite drink (besides A&W Rootbeer) so I wonder if I could pick it out. I would like to see you do these more and it would also be interesting if you rated which one as a “best of” this type of drink. I’m curious, was there one of these that you liked best?

    • Thanks for the comment and feedback, Chris. I’m glad to hear that you liked the blind tasting! It’s funny because, going in, I was thinking I’d be able to get a couple right. But, when you haven’t tasted them in a while and you have a few tastes and a couple of minutes to decide… they really taste similar. My favorite was either 1 or 2, which ended up being both the store brands.

      Thanks again,


  2. Well that failed :D But it was fun to watch and a good idea. Would be great if you rate them before even thinking which could be which in the future. Next up: cola tasting? :)

    • Thanks for the comment and feedback, Chris. Glad that you enjoyed it. I think it is sort of designed to fail, which is fun. With the blind tastings, I’m not sure I want to really rate them because I’m not able to go into the sort of detail I can with a standard review. Cola is a good idea. :)


  3. I liked the blind tasting and I thought it was fun to watch. However I would have liked to see you review them. I would especially be interested in a review of orange flavored soda, because I think they all taste the same, however my palate prob is not as refined as yours!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Rob. I’m glad that you enjoyed it! I appreciate the suggestion for an orange tasting. I’ll do it! I am hesitant to do full reviews because I don’t feel like I can do 4-6 or more sodas justice within a short show, but I will definitely review the flavors individually moving forward (except for the store brands, most likely). Thanks again!