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Dad’s Root Beer Barrels Review (Soda Tasting #177)

Dad’s Root Beer comes in candy form as the brand lends its name to a barrel shaped root beer hard candy produced by F.B. Washburn Candy.

Thank you to Kevin Dees for giving me this candy.

What soda candy should I try next? Please let me know in the comments.

Company: F.B. Washburn Candy and The Dad’s Root Beer Company
Calories (per 12 oz.): 23
Sweetener: Sugar

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2 comments on “Dad’s Root Beer Barrels Review (Soda Tasting #177)

  1. Jones Soda Co. makes a bunch of their sodas into carbonated candies. I live in the Seattle area, I’ll see if I can procure some.

    • Thanks HoersGoHurrr! That is a great idea. No worries on finding some, though, I’ll just add it to my list and keep an eye out. I have spoken to someone at Jones before, I’ll see if they can send me some. :)