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Soda Tasting Will Return Later This Week

Thank you for visiting Soda Tasting.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to release shows this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as regularly scheduled, due to technical issues. The camera that I have used since the show began is having issues where the footage it produces jumps around and cuts in and out.

At first I thought the camera just needed some maintenance, so I attempted that, but it didn’t work and by the time this was clear, on Saturday, it was too late to get a new camera in time. I explored some alternative routes, but was disappointed with the video quality, so I decided to simply skip the first three days of this week, rather than releasing something I wasn’t proud of. I have ordered a new camera and it will arrive this week. If all goes as hoped, we’ll resume the show on Thursday. Sorry to have to do this.

In the mean time, please find the four least viewed episodes of Soda Tasting below. Perhaps they will be new to you!

Thank you for your support and patience.


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