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Thank You (Soda Tasting #215)

There’s no way for me to say this without it being a surprise to subscribers of the show. But I have decided that it’s time for a change and I want to stop hosting Soda Tasting.

This isn’t easy for me. I love soda, I love this show and I love the community of people that have gathered around it. I am very grateful for everyone who has supported the show. Thank you. It’s been a great experience.

If you’d like to follow my work or stay in contact with me, here is where you can find me:

Personal YouTube
Patrick and Sean YouTube

Thank you for watching.

12 comments on “Thank You (Soda Tasting #215)

  1. Congrats on a great show Patrick! It was always fun to drop in and see what soda you came across during the week. Soda Shaq had to be the best :)

    Best of luck and can’t wait to see what is next.

  2. Thanks for all the great reviews I will miss this great show.
    I’m 50 and I have found out in life sometimes wanting is better then having.
    What I mean by that is …. Leave the door open for a return someday. I will be following you. Thanks. Neil

  3. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!! Why?! I watch the show religiously! I agree with Neil leave the door open for a return.

  4. Hey Patrick,
    Will be sad to see you leave this format. Very entertaining and absolutely love the reviews. All the best in your future endeavors Sir!

    • Thank you very much, Andy. I appreciate you kindness and I am grateful for having been featured on your blog.